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  • WITCH : Women's Activist Tee - Black/White
  • WITCH : Women's Activist Tee - Black/White

WITCH : Women's Activist Tee - Black/White

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Black with White


Call us a Witch and we'll take it as a compliment.
By our definition, a Witch is an enchantress and a charmer, a bewitching woman with allure.  She is clever and powerful. She is our type of woman.  
Proposed legislation continues to threaten women’s access to reproductive health care and their protections under Roe v. Wade. Be a part of the movement aimed at continuing women's progress towards equality in America and across the globe.
For every "WITCH" product sold prinkshop will donate $5 to the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

Prinkshop loves the National Institute for Reproductive Health for protecting a woman's right to choose and providing reproductive healthcare.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) builds power at the state and local level to advance reproductive freedom from the ground up. NIRH doesn’t just push back against restrictions on abortion and contraception; it pushes forward and fights for a society in which everyone has the freedom and ability to control their reproductive and sexual lives.

Learn more about the National Institute for Reproductive Health at www.nirhealth.org


Product Details:
Made from the softest midweight cotton jersey.
Relaxed, slim fit. Hits at hip.
Designed with passion. Printed in the USA.

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