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  • Classic 1973 : Unisex Affirmation Tee - White/Navy
  • Classic 1973 : Unisex Affirmation Tee - White/Navy

Classic 1973 : Unisex Affirmation Tee - White/Navy

$ 40.00

White with Navy


In January 1973, the Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade struck down most states' restrictions on abortions.

If overturned, women will no longer be guaranteed the right to make the incredibly personal and consequential decisions about whether and when to have a child. Anti-choice activists are working tirelessly to take away the right to choose abortion, no matter what circumstances a woman faces. In the legislature, in the courts, and on the streets, they are trying to make abortions harder to obtain and more dangerous by intimidating doctors and patients, designing laws to shut down clinics, and misrepresenting science to fit an anti-choice political agenda. Every woman should have the right to decide what is best for herself and her family. Every one of us needs to work to protect that right.

For every "1973" product sold prinkshop will donate $5 to the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

prinkshop loves the National Institute for Reproductive Health for protecting a woman's right to choose and providing reproductive healthcare.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) builds power at the state and local level to advance reproductive freedom from the ground up. NIRH doesn’t just push back against restrictions on abortion and contraception; it pushes forward and fights for a society in which everyone has the freedom and ability to control their reproductive and sexual lives.

Learn more about the National Institute for Reproductive Health at

Product Details:
Made from the softest midweight cotton jersey.
Modern, unisex fit.
Longer length to be worn tucked in or out.
Designed with passion. Printed in the USA.

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