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  • Love. : Unisex Affirmation Tee

Love. : Unisex Affirmation Tee

$ 35.00



2017 has been filled with anger, confusion, division, and resentment.
In tumultuous times we must reaffirm our commitment to our values and our shared communities. Our society is better when we look past differences and hate and look towards coalition-building, togetherness, and progress. We need love now more than ever. 
For every “love” product sold, we will donate $7 to Planned Parenthood. 
prinkshop loves Planned Parenthood for their continued support of American families and women’s rights. 
Planned Parenthood has spent 100 years committed to enforcing and supporting women’s rights through women’s rights advocacy, sex and health education, and the provision of reproductive healthcare. Despite decades of detractors pushing back against women’s reproductive rights and sex education, Planned Parenthood has been a consistent force for the good of America’s girls, women, and families.
Learn more about Planned Parenthood at

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