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  • 77/100 Advocacy Tote

77/100 Advocacy Tote

$ 45.00



Gender should not determine income, yet statistics show the pay gap between men and women is very real with women making 77 cents on the dollar as compared to men.

For every "77/100" product sold prinkshop will give will donate $5 to The National Organization for Women.

Prinkshop loves The National Organization for Women for continuing to shine a light on the issue of pay inequality and for advocating for equal rights for women and girls in all aspects of their social, political, and economic lives.

Learn more about The National Organization for Women at www.now.org


Express yourself while carrying all your necessities in our 10 oz cotton canvas tote bag. Measures 15.75" H x 18"W. Open top. No interior pockets. Fits comfortably over the shoulder.  

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