We Give

Every year, teachers spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to buy classroom materials and resources for their students. Pencils, paints, computers, music instruments, field trips, microscopes: kids across America lack the materials and experiences they need to succeed. We think this is crazy!

The supplies listed on the We Give shirt are items requested by public school teachers on DonorsChoose.org, a website that connects teachers with donors who want to help. Some of the supplies are obvious classroom essentials, but others are as unexpected as dreamcatchers and silly putty. Regardless, they are all essential tools for an awesome teacher trying to make the classroom an exciting place to learn- which is what it should be!

For every We Give product purchased, you’ll receive a DonorsChoose.org gift code backed by prinkshop, so you can support a classroom project that inspires you.

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for connecting people with classrooms. Teachers ask. You choose. Kids learn.

Founded by a social studies teacher in the Bronx, DonorsChoose.org is citizen philanthropy at work. Teachers ask for the tools they need, donors provide the funds needed to buy them, and both teachers and students benefit.

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