"The Color of Freedom: Keep the Girls Safe" Campaign

The Color of Freedom | Keep the Girls Safe Campaign Feat. Diandra Forrest

"The Color of Freedom: Keep the Girls Safe" was a campaign put together by prinkshop's Pamela Bell, Beauty for Freedom's Monica Watkins, and the New School's Parsons School of Design's Ariana Barat to engage the beauty and fashion industries in the fight against sex trafficking. As prinkshop constantly seeks to reinforce - human trafficking is everpresent in the modern age and we must remain vigilant by raising public awareness and funds for organizations fighting the good fight.

This video from CTM Sisters Productions features activists Diandra Forrest and Serinda Swan and was helped put together alongside the campaign founders by creatives Sheila Maria Lobo and Sokphalla Ban. The video also features prinkshop's "Keep the Girls Safe" t-shirt in support of the New Somaly Mam Fund.

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