THE BEGINNING – prinkshop


It feels like a lifetime ago when my eldest daughter came home with a graphic tee emblazoned with 'Saint-Tropez", bold, blue and white. The design was pretty, the shirt was soft. It just didn't mean anything. The idea came to me to give to her something to wear which reflected our family values. Her values, in fact. Since then, we have been creating advocacy campaigns for social issues. Things we care about. Issues we want to talk about. A culmination of our design background, love of color and passion for change. We have a simple mission: To talk about the things that matter, lend a hand to those who need us and have fun all the while. We are living in tough, often confusing times. We at prinkshop aim to provide our community with something to wear that they care about, create a dialogue, spread the word in a positive, affirmative tone. We produce all our goods in the United States, manufacture with not for profit and women owned factories and give back a meaningful donation to trailblazing organizations fighting for the issues we highlight. We love the art of silkscreen and are grateful to be part of these times as we see more opportunity for change than the oppression of the past.






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