Pamela Bell founded prinkshop to prove a model she calls “creative capitalism.” prinkshop creates advocacy graphics for our most pressing social issues and then translates them on to products that allow customers to wear what they care about. prinkshop produces in the USA and aims to create jobs while it spreads awareness and a passion for change. In the creative capitalism model a business can be at once profitable and socially beneficial.

An entrepreneur from the start of her career,  Pamela was a founding partner of the global, iconic brands Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Pamela, Kate, Elyce Arons and Andy Spade started the business from her jeep and their loft in Tribeca. Her role there included leading and following, depending on the year, and spanned the scope of production management, retail store development, e-commerce, merchandising, multiple product global licensing, and retail design & roll-out, product development and merchandising. The partners honored their midwestern values in developing Kate Spade beginning in 1993; creating thousands of jobs and were known in the industry as the company whose growth was least leveraged: Kate Spade did not run on credit and did not borrow to grow. The partners financed the business for 15 years on savings and earnings alone. She and her three partners sold the company to Neiman Marcus in 2006.

Pamela co-founded the Bowery Arts Project. The Project’s volunteers teach art classes to clients at the non-medical detox unit at Project Renewal. This is the 9th year the project runs regularly two mornings a week.

Pamela also sits on the Board of The American Theatre Wing, and is a Tony Voter.

She is also a Disruptor Fellow, a member of the CFDA, and is a Lang Center Innovation Fellow at The Columbia University School of Business.

As a passionate supporter of Mental Health care for all, Pamela Joined Kenneth as a co-founder, creative partner and board member in the movement to destigmatize Mental Health Issues July, 2019 to form The Mental Health Coalition which launched May 15th, 2020.