prinkshop in VOGUE

Sarah Sophie Flicker, Tennessee Thomas, Leith Clark, and Silk-Screening Social Issues With Prinkshop



Another amazing day in the prinkshop studio silk-screening with some of our favorite style ambassadors. Paint - Print - Selfie!

"A cursory online search for graphic T-shirts pulls up all kinds of options from slouchy crewnecks that read Delevingne’d to striped numbers emblazoned with the days of the week in French. They’re undoubtedly stylish, but Pamela Bell, a cofounder of Kate Spade and philanthropist living in the East Village, wonders if people couldn’t be persuaded to wear something a little more meaningful. Which is why she launched Prinkshop, an organization that creates graphic advocacy campaigns for social issues and then silk-screens them on T-shirts, totes, and notebooks with proceeds benefiting corresponding charities. For instance, Prinkshop created the logo for the Tory Burch Foundation’s Women Rule event series and in June, Prinkshop shirts bearing the phrase Pour l’Amour du Frais will hit Madewell stores with a portion of sales being donated to Alice Waters’s Edible Schoolyard Project."


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