Harper's Bazaar on the prinkshop x J.Crew 'I am a feminist too' collaboration



J.Crew has defended its controversial boys "I'm a feminist too" slogan T-shirt following backlash, Insider reports.

The product was a collaboration with Prinkshop, that makes clothing and accessories with activist messages. It was intended to show the brand's commitment to equality, as sales from the T-shirt will benefit Girl Up - a group that partners with the United Nations to help girls around the world get an education.

Despite its good intentions, people expressed their concerns about the product on Twitter. Some users shared their opinions on why it's wrong to use children to express political views.

One user wrote: "Y'all... don't make your children pawns in your political game. It ain't cute. I work in politics and my almost 5 yr old doesn't even know what I do or who the president is. All she knows is that I talk to her "uncle @benshapiro."

Another expressed how children shouldn't be used to express certain narratives: "This has nothing to do with "right-wing fans". It's the fact that CHILDREN DON'T HAVE THE MENTAL CAPACITY TO UNDERSTAND IDEOLOGIES!"

However, other users expressed that they didn't see a problem with the slogan tee: "If I had a son, I’d be raising him to be a feminist."

"I honestly love this and applaud @jcrew. ALL brands should support #feminism. WHY wouldn't you?? #Feminists believe that women deserve the same rights as men."

J.Crew says its product shows the company's passion for equality, with a representative telling Marie Claire: “J.Crew stands for equality, and is for everybody.”

The brand's commitment to equality is clearly working, as the controversial T-shirt is already sold out in some sizes.

Article by Jessica Davis

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