Women in the World on the prinkshop x J.Crew 'I am a feminist too' collaboration

J.Crew found itself in the midst of a social media firestorm after releasing a T-shirt for boys stamped with the words “I am a feminist too.”

As Salon reports, the T-shirt is part of a collection created in collaboration with Prinkshop, which prints clothing adorned with what are, for the most part, mildly political slogans. (Think: “Never underestimate the power of a woman” and “Eroticize quality.”)

“With the #MeToo #timesup and #womensmarch movements, we feel now is the time to include and honor the men who support these initiatives,” Prinkshop founder Pamela Bell said of the designs, which are part of a larger line of “Good Fella”-themed clothing. “We must bring men and women together in solidarity to achieve equality.”

But when J. Crew posted an Instagram photo of a little boy wearing its new T-shirt, the brand was hit with a barrage of critical comments accusing J.Crew of politicizing children — and even abusing them.

 “You caved to the leftist virtue signaling by indoctrinating little kids,” one commenter wrote.

“J crew is sexist and bordering child abuse,” wrote another.

“Your boys will end up gay most likely if you support feminism,” wrote a third person, who evidently does not understand how sexuality works.

It seems not all shoppers feel the same way, since the T-shirt is already sold out in several sizes. But inevitably, some angry commenters have vowed to boycott the brand. We wish them luck on their quest to find a new source of well-made-yet-accessible daywear.

Article by WITW Staff

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