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Under the Squeegee: Jemme Elizabeth Aldridge

Wild, anyone?


Jemme Elizabeth Aldridge is prinkshop's ubiquitous design influence and her personal mantra reflects an unconstrained creativity whose denial of conventionality pushes her visual work into the realms of wilderness. She suggests that her work is guided by a curiosity for life: belief in the intuition that guides monarch butterflies, belief that magic is everywhere — and the quest to be wild is in the details. Jemme is a Visual Communication Director and her eye for color, design, and typography makes her a vital member of the prinkshop tribe. Following her graduation with honors from Parsons School of Design, Jemme worked in-house for innovative companies such as Baron & Baron, Partners and Spade, and Violet Grey before launching her own independent consultancy. She is committed to helping new brands become inspired to better articulate their voices and established brands refresh their messages. We are thrilled to have such a creative force collaborating on our designs.



Besides appreciating the work Jemme has created for us, don't be afraid to dip into the wilderness and check out her instagram!

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