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Under the Squeegee: Manuela Kondo


Brazilian, Japanese, and metamorphosing into a New Yorker ever since she got here five years ago — Manuela Kondo is the undeniably unique girl whose commitment to social betterment extends far beyond her demonstration of how good supporting gun legislation can look in our "BANG BANG BANG" tee. Manuela, now studying massage therapy in accordance with her commitment to wellness, is a skateboarder and model (only for causes she supports or as a favor to friends) who has done everything from throwing parties with Andre Saraiva in Japan to DJing alongside other mixed Japanese girls in the all-girl quintet "Boy Allergy." We'd be remiss if we stopped talking about Manuela without mentioning her companion and spiritual reflection — her absolutely charming pitbull River, whose strong look belies a sweet demeanor.



Check out River's instagram, Manuela in our lookbook, and keep an eye out for her as a fellow volunteer if you decide to volunteer in an NYC animal shelter!

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