Make Abortion Legal Again - Hat

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Introducing the "Make Abortion Legal Again" hat, designed by prinkshop to rally support for reproductive rights and honor the pivotal decision of Roe v. Wade that granted women autonomy over their bodies. Now, more than ever, this fundamental right is under threat. 

In the face of relentless anti-choice activism, it is crucial that we unite and stand up for every woman's right to make her own decisions regarding her body, her health, and her future. This hat symbolizes our collective determination to preserve the right to safe and legal abortion access and to resist efforts that undermine women's reproductive choices.

For every "Make Abortion Legal Again" hat sold prinkshop will donate $5 to the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

prinkshop loves the National Institute for Reproductive Health for protecting a woman's right to choose and providing reproductive healthcare.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) builds power at the state and local level to advance reproductive freedom from the ground up. NIRH doesn’t just push back against restrictions on abortion and contraception; it pushes forward and fights for a society in which everyone has the freedom and ability to control their reproductive and sexual lives.

Learn more about the National Institute for Reproductive Health at
Product Details:
100% cotton chino twill
Six panel
Designed with passion.
Embroidery made in a factory creating meaningful and inclusive employment opportunities for people on the Autism Spectrum.